Project actions

Stage 1 – preparation of the Webcast Training Methodology (WTM)
To prepare the WTM, partners gathered related materials concerning new media use for educational purposes, methodologies of distant learning for adults and information concerning the use of webcast software. On the basis of those materials a first draft of the WTM was prepared.

Stage 2 – testing of the WTM
Partners conducted 10 internal pilots concerning webcast use. Related materials concerning the practical content of these pilots of the WTM were prepared and thematic meetings for the representatives of educational organizations, trainers and training companies were runned. Finally 20 webcast seminars for the educational bodies (training companies, universities, trainers associations) were conducted. After the pilot stage the WTM was corrected and the manual concerning the WTM prepared.

Stage 3 - promotion of the WTM
After the correction of the WTM, an electronic media campaign was runned. 20 multimedia presentations concerning efficient use of webcasting were prepared and displayed on the project website. Partners conducted 40 meetings with the representatives of educational bodies and trainers concerning the use of webcasting for educational purposes. The final point of the project and promotion campaign was the final conference in Warsaw on October 25th, 2010.