Programme actions

The "How to webcast - new media use in the efficient learning processes"project is a part of the Transfer of Innovation projects (TOI) which are based on transfering and applying innovative solutions and products in a new field to increas efficiency in teaching and vocational trainings. In the course of international cooperation partners adapt in language, cultural and law terms proven to work ideas and implement them in following countries or sectors.
The subject of transfer might be pilot project results and themes realized in the previous Leonardo Da Vinci programme stage as well as innovative solutions not related with the Programme; for example:

  • teaching programs and training modules;
  • tools for skill and vocational qualification evaluation;
  • tools for training demand research;
  • materials meant for vocational foreign language studies(manuals, syllabus).

Leonardo da Vinci programme priorities for TOI (Transfer of innovation) projects for 2008-2010 below:

    1. Transparency and recognition of competencies and qualification

    2. Increas of efficiency and system attractiveness and educational practices and vocatinal improvement

    3. Teacher and trainer competency and skill development

    4. Vocational skill development considering work market demand

    5. Skill and competency development of people from risk groups

You may find more information concerning the Leonardo Da Vinci programme here